Petition for Habeas Corpus-Extension

Since 17 years innocent on Texas Death Row:
News in the case Tony Medina.

Petition for Habeas Corpus-Extension

Tony Medina Texas 2013

Texas: New hope for Tony Medina which is since 17 years innocent on death row. His lawyers have requested a further extension of the habeas corpus and these also receive. Because of heavy workloads and further investigations by Tony Medina’s attorneys an extension was necessary. His first lawyer who handled the case wrong, was suspended for five years.

Tony Medina, a 38 years old father of three children is hoping to see his children again outside the prison bar- if his innocence was proved. An incomprehensible situation in Germany but in the United States a current practice. There is not in dubio pro reo – in doubt for the defendant.

Extension of Habeas Corpus was granted
A request by his lawyers extension of habeas corpus was granted by the court. Although the wait is frustrating again for Tony Medina but it is important so that the lawyers can pursue further studies in the case.

Daughter found
In May 2011, Tony Medina Supporter Ilona Leverenz from Germany and Peter Bellamy from England found Tony’s daughter after years of searching. Tony had not seen his daughter and also had no contact since he is on death row.

Book release “Witness to Murder”
The book published Tony Medina make massive waves in the U.S.
In the FOX News in Houston was discussed whether prisoners have the right to earn money with a book publication. The book “Witness to Murder” deals with Tony’s thoughts and poems and provides and is a legacy for his family. It also includes texts and poems of Dominique Green, a fellow prisoner which on 24 October 2004 wrongly – as has now been determined – has been executed.

Tony Medina is accused of New Year’s 1995 shot from a dark car with a semi-automatic riflein a young crowd. Two children were finally shot. Witnesses identified the perpetrators as both African American and a lot of (extensive) evidence to reserve that Tony Medina was not in the near of the crime scene. Even on the weapon, no fingerprints were from Tony Medina but from an African American which was later main prosecution witness. Tony Medina is guilty of having had no money for a good lawyer which seriously affected the case.

Contact persons for the press

Peter Bellamy
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