Cambodia + 9 good reasons to invest in the Kingdom + Tax Haven

Cambodia is a country with almost no taxes and ‘big brother’ is not yet watching here. If you are thinking of a safe place to invest your money, have a look at the Kingdom of Cambodia. No double tax treaties, almost complete freedom.

Cambodia + 9 good reasons to invest in the Kingdom + Tax Haven

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Today I want to let you know about the golden opportunities for your investment in the Kingdom of Cambodia. There are 9 major reasons why you should invest in this wonderful country.

9 very good reasons to invest in Cambodia

1) When you get to know Cambodia, you will find a very free and liberal country. The legal system is at its beginning, “big brother” is not watching you here.
2) There are almost no tax treaties with other countries. You will find the same situation here in Cambodia as it was 30 years ago in Switzerland.
3) The Banks in Cambodia work usually with Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian counterparts. Moving between these banks, your Cash Flow will be not traceable for the tax office at your country of origin.
4) The Cambodian authorities make it very easy for investors. Almost no Government obstacles.
5) Taxes are very low
6) Cambodia”s past was difficult but now, there is a big urge in this country for wealth and prosperity. The overall situation is about as it was 30 years ago in China; the people want to move to a better future. Who does invest now in Cambodia will be part of the coming boom years in the Kingdom.
7) The Cambodians still have a week law system, but it is improving. Contracts are well respected.
8) The enormous amount of young and qualified people in Cambodia makes it easy to find your work force.
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