3. Report on our series The Pope is naked and now?

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3.   Report on our series  The Pope is naked and now?

Trinity-Church in New York

Revealing the true attitude of the Church of Jesus’ teaching is the statement by Pope John Paul II: “Go for the remission of sins, not to God but to me” (Pope John Paul II on 12.12.1984 in the Los Angeles Times). Finally, one has earned, among other things the sale of indulgences always excellent (1), required reading).Instead of salvation, it is the church only to increase their power and money (2). The Vatican is far richer and more powerful than is commonly believed. The child abuse scandal is much bigger than previously perceived. He will not even war, but he draws the background of all wars with the threads. The restoration in the shape of the new Inquisition is in full swing (3). He never has abandoned his claim world domination with the goal of enslaving the people ever (4). These read the fictional speech by Prof. Hubertus Mynarek (5).
Shocking is how he sucks us people like an assassin bug formally compliant with a caste of politicians of all stripes the blood including keyword endowments; (6) and knows how to hide behind his fictitious being a state allegation derived from the fascist Benito Mussolini rule forever. Yes, he financed all parties through the back door and it dominates (see also operation “Sofia” Gianluigi Nuzzi Vatican AG including S 311 et seq.) This explains why no politician, let alone worked in Germany against the exploitation of people in the country. They have long since merged into a criminal organization of the contents of retaining power, enrichment and systemic sexual abuse of children.As always wake up more slowly and quite apart from the Vatican along with his puppet government media to inform conducted independently, had the onset of a new awareness of the Transfiguration true intentions be opposed. (For dealing with the press, see: (7))
The treatment of choice is called Benedict XVI. (Latin: Benedictus = beautiful spoken) (8). His name is so beautiful voice program.
This equally concerns the representation of the person of Joseph Ratzinger, then the Pope Benedict XVI. Here is a transfiguration similar brainwashing and increase instead of this man who is not only speaks through his office at the center of all the scandals, but before and during his pontificate and even perpetrators (9). The pope since 2011 has to face at the International Criminal Court in The Hague right to be sued (10). The most serious allegations are not even from his colleagues named applicant (including (11))
It is expected, however, that the ICC can bob up and down the case for so long, until he has done in a biological way. And what does he do? What are the measures taken by the Vatican in view of the bumping up internals as Vatileaks, money laundering and systematic sexual abuse of children? Be resolved about the causes? Of course not! Instead: According to dpa-release of 06.04.2012 contrary to the U.S. journalist Greg Burke, Rome correspondent for the conservative Fox News as a communications strategist for the Vatican to “Vatileaks” scandal again helping a good press. It is therefore a counter-offensive by the Vatican as part of the same old cover-up strategy. In addition to beautiful and bold words coming from Benedict and the Vatican again, nothing to correct the causes. Benedict XVI is guilty in all respects offenders, legally, factually and morally! His actions include deeds, which can stagnate your breath away, as well as the since about 2010 – again – acute money laundering scandal involving the so-called Vatican Bank IOR (Istituto delle opere di Religione) see: (12). Even the name is misnomer. Which is clear,
Money laundering is the traditional steady-state of the Vatican Bank and its core competence, and thus a natural subordinated and accompanying offense. Acute is only the perception, if now and then what comes to light. What is then called a scandal, is only the tip of the iceberg. When IOR is the war chest and command center of the Vatican, the Pope is the sole legal owner of the bank. Hence the secret policy of world conquest is being financed. Example: Financing of labour-union Solidarnosc in Poland in the amount of $ 100 million in the years around 1980 by the Polish-born Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II). The breaking up of the Soviet bloc through the perestroika is a key component of the NWO, it took the Spolidarnosc began. It therefore has purely geopolitical reasons that are currently governed by a German-born pope.
The IOR-scandals are not limited to, operated by the Banca Ambrosiano collapse of its 1982 and the numerous frauds with front companies in Panama in favor of the IOR. Seamlessly joined, contrary to all protestations de Bonis shadow banking system with money laundering for the Mafia and Giulio Andreotti, codenamed Omissis. Parallel was the IOR deep in Enimont involved bribery scandal, accompanied by close ties with the powerful masonic lodge Propaganda Due (P2), then the attempt to construct a new major party of the center, etc.
In 2010, flew on a number of anonymous numbered bank accounts and there were identities and livelihoods abused by self-respectable preferably German Catholics under false pretenses, insurance companies coin it in the hundreds of millions / individual case. It followed an investigation by public prosecutors in Rome and Naples against the president Ettore Gotti Tedeschi of the Supervisory Board and the Director General of the IOR Paolo Cipriani, which have continued.
The IOR was 1942nd Since 1970 by consistently safe now to examine the behavior of the IOR is influenced by money laundering, fraud, bribery, etc. What is clear-thinking person actually believe even the protestations of the Vatican to try to change it ever seriously something? The Pope makes great background in politics and the need for ill-gotten assets of the IOR. How to explain his still missing is for real combat abuses here as in child sexual abuse, the will. The measures taken are revealed on closer inspection than window dressing.
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