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Starting a business in Germany: a way to a settlement permit

Starting a business in Germany: a way to a settlement permit

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Duesseldorf / Germany, 20.09.2018. Germany is becoming increasingly attractive as a country of immigration. People from all over the world come here to build up a new existence. The lack of workers in Germany also opens up many opportunities for non-EU foreigners. One way to get the settlement permit is to start your own business in Germany. The law firm Mutschke Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH offers advisory services to people who are interested in establishing a GmbH and supports them in setting up their own company in Germany. There are many good reasons to do so: the economy is booming, the political conditions are stable, and due to the lack of qualified workers, the state has considerably simplified the conditions for non-EU foreigners to start their business here in recent years.

How does starting a business in Germany work?

For EU foreigners it is as easy as for German citizens to establish a new company here. Non-EU foreigners may be granted a temporary residence permit and, where appropriate, a permanent settlement permit, if

– there is an economic interest or a regional need for their business,

– the activity can be expected to have positive effects on the economy and

– the financing is secured by equity or a loan commitment.

In order to obtain the appropriate visa in the first step, various documents are required. These include proof of professional qualifications, a business plan, a shareholders‘ agreement or a deed of incorporation, proof of residence and health insurance. Persons over the age of 45 are also required to proof appropriate retirement benefits.

Support by a specialized law firm in Germany

But: For people living abroad, it may be difficult to understand the processes and to provide the necessary documents in full, on time and in German. It is precisely this point law firm Mutschke addresses: It is specialized in corporate law and also supports foreign companies. „Actually, it is not very difficult to start your own business in Germany and in this way to obtain a settlement permit,“ says specialist lawyer Nicole Mutschke. „But those who are not on site and do not speak the language safely quickly encounter questions and problems. We accompany our clients during the entire start-up process – including getting a settlement permit. For this we offer different packages for a fixed price. „

As a legal form for the new company, Nicole Mutschke recommends the limited liability company (GmbH): „The GmbH is well respected among customers and business partners. The formation is easy and fast. „

Further information on the topic of company formation in Germany and residence permit at

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